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07.11.15 - Or perhaps he's wondering why someone would shoot a man before throwing him out of the plane.

I'm Gotham's reckoning. It'll end the ball of damns you've all been living on. A necessary evil.

05.11.15 - You fight like a younger man, there's nothing held back. It's admirable, but mistaken. I am the League of Shadows.
Testing by Melissa, 05-17, 15:39.

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Player Name/Alias:
Age: (optional)

FirstName MiddleName (if any) LastName

List | the | Types | of | Factions | You | Have | on | the | Site
[img*]image URL goes here. please don't make it wider than 400px[/img*]

Gender: (male or female)
Appearance: (the following list is optional; if you wish to simply describe your character in a few paragraphs, then go right ahead; it's especially recommended for you to do so if you don't want to choose a PB; if you do choose to describe your character in a few paragraphs, make sure you include the points mentioned here)

Posture: (do they tend to slouch? do they look like someone just shoved a carrot up their- you get the idea)
Other distinguishing features: (if any; mutagenic differences go here)
Wardrobe: (you don't have to go list clothing items; what we would be more interested in would be a style; are they tidy? are their clothes impeccable? do they have eye-patches? anything that would say something about the character is encouraged)
  • Eyes:
PlayBy: (This is completely optional. A fair warning for those who DO decide to get one. We will not accept applications of characters whose PBs do not look their age. If you do not choose a PB you are required to describe your character in detail.)

General personality: (two paragraphs minimum)
Ambitions: (optional)
Quotes, frequently used expressions: (optional: if they have a catchphrase or a phrase that defines them, this would be the place to put it)
Fears: (optional: what would your character do anything to avoid?)
Role Model: (optional: person to whom your character looks up to; you should be able to say why that is as well)
Hobbies: (optional: If your character's a wealthy heiress and doesn't need to work for a living, she may colour her life with hobbies. Be mindful that a factory worker might not have that many.)
Likes: (optional; please list them)
Dislikes: (optional; please list them)
Quirks: (optional; please list them)

(first two of the following are only if your character has special abilities)
Power Description: (as detailed as possible; get into the mechanics of things; please make sure you explain, with enough detail, how the power can be used and what is the character's current level of control)
Power-Related Weaknesses: (as detailed as possible and by no means to be left blank)
Strengths: (optional: other than powers; physical or psychological; talents)
Weaknesses: (optional: other than powers; physical or psychological)

Family: (optional: living or deceased relatives or people he would call family)
Date of Birth: (optional)
Place of residence: (where your character lives)
Education: (optional)
Occupation: (what does your character do for a living)
Worst past experience: (optional)
Best past experience: (optional)
Image: (how your character is perceived by other people; can be as short as a few sentences; please don't make it excruciatingly long, it's supposed to give people an idea of how to tackle your character)
History: (what happened in your characters' life)

In Character Sample: (this is basically the area to show us that you can write, and give us a feel of who your character is when doing something. This could be anything from buying groceries to beating up the police, as long as it shows off what a general post on the forum is going to look like. It would be a great opportunity for someone with special abilities to show them off.)

...made by kismet of RPG-D?.

Feel free to change the colours
to fit the colour scheme of your site
and eliminate/add fields.

This is subject to minor modifications. Smile

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